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My World Vision Journey

World Vision
13 October 2015 by Dimi
My World Vision Journey

Dimi - World Vision Child Sponsor.

Last month, my thirteen-year World Vision sponsorship journey took an unimaginable and surprising turn. Before I knew it, I was standing in my kitchen, mixing a batch of melting moments and facing a camera, the lens staring at me unblinkingly in anticipation.

In preparation for my ‘film’ debut, I was asked a series of questions. Why did I choose World Vision? How did it feel to go through a Project closure?
And it got me thinking about World Vision.

If you take a map of the world and an orange pencil, and you colour in the countries and places that World Vision supports, either in project work, advocacy, emergency relief, or one of the many, many other ways it helps, you will not be left with much white space on your map. Why did I choose World Vision? I wanted to contribute to a global cause, and World Vision’s generous reach extends far and wide.


The next time you are with a group of people, mention the 40 Hour Famine, and without a doubt, eyes will light up with recognition, and most will have a story to tell, about their own 40 hour experience, or about someone they know who gave up something for 40 hours to help fight global hunger. There are over 800 million undernourished people in the world. Hunger and nutrition are the number one risk to health worldwide. There is enough food in the world to feed everyone, and every child deserves a life without hunger. Why did I choose World Vision? The aim of one of World Vision’s Global Goals is to completely eradicate hunger and make sure that everyone has access to clean and safe drinking water by 2030.

In my tenth year of sponsorship, World Vision rang to say thank you for my contribution and to ask me if I would sponsor an additional child. I was delighted to accept the sponsorship of a young girl from Kenya. I had been to Africa and seen the poverty. I chose World Vision because they allow me to be involved, however small my part may be, in a project that will provide lasting and positive change for this little girl and her people, and empower a whole community. I dream that one day there will be no poverty, and World Vision is part of my dream.

View of Dimi's 'My World Vision' portal.

View of Dimi’s ‘My World Vision’ portal.

When I experienced my first sponsor child’s project closure, I did not need to pause or think about whether I would continue with further sponsorship. A project closure is a joyous milestone that must be celebrated. A project closure means that World Vision has successfully met its global commitment to that community, and provided it with the skills and tools for a brighter, better future. Why do I continue to choose World Vision? Because there is an unequal distribution of universal human rights that must be brought to balance.

So, the question to ask is not ‘Why choose World Vision?’ but instead, ‘Why wouldn’t you choose World Vision?’

Dimi Dimi

Dimi lives in Melbourne with her husband and two children. She runs her own pharmacy consulting business and has a professional and personal interest in health, wellbeing and happiness. She was recently interviewed and filmed by World Vision on the subject of project sponsorship and project closures.


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