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World Vision Blog Ambassadors: blogging for a better world

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29 August 2014 by Louise Acheson
World Vision Blog Ambassadors: blogging for a better world

Bloggers Eden Riley and Emma Stirling with World Vision's Stephen Ellis at our 2014 Blog Ambassador Day.

Blogging has grown at an unprecedented rate over the last few years. It has pushed well and truly into the mainstream, with a vast array of topics, designs and writing styles. I love nothing better than sitting down and catching up with my favourite blogs after (and quite often during) a busy week. I regularly find myself living vicariously through them, wishing my life was half as interesting – or at least to have the ability to portray it that way!

The reason many of us follow blogs as regularly if not more so than our favourite TV show is the absolute genuine quality so many of them have. These are real people, just like us, and that is what makes this medium so accessible.

Many choose to use their voice to talk readers about issues close to their heart, leading to the rise of blogging for social good. Here at World Vision Australia, we’ve had a blogger program for a number of years which gives our blog ambassadors access to information on issues that are close to their hearts. We help bloggers talk in a meaningful way to their readers about a wide range of issues.

Eden Riley from Edenland has travelled to Niger with world Vision and wrote beautifully about her experience. Caro Webster from Caro and Co had her daughter Grace interview World Vision Australia’s CEO Tim Costello. Eva Lewis of the Multitasking Mummy wrote about the things we take for granted, in light of the conflict in South Sudan.  Lisa Berriman of Mummy’s Undeserved Blessings wrote about giving hope on World Day Against Trafficking in persons. Those are just a taste of the wonderful articles our fabulous bloggers have produced.

We want to co create what the evolution of this program looks like with our bloggers – no one knows what works for your audience or your area of interest like you do. But possibly the most inspirational thing is witnessing the amazing passion of each of our blog ambassadors in whatever they choose to talk about, whether that is linked to social good, or just day to day posting.

Right now we’re excited to be attending Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger conference in the Gold Coast. World Vision’s Stephen Ellis is proud to be part of Emma Stirling’s panel alongside Eden Riley and Carly Findlay where Emma will be leading discussions on the power of blogging for social good. Check out Emma’s link up post here and get as excited as we are for the panel discussion on Saturday!

If you’re inspired by the conversations on twitter (#PBEvent) or just the thought of using your blog for good and have an interest in working with us or sharing the work of our existing blog ambassadors – we’d love to hear from you! You can tweet  Stephen @stphenellis or myself @silvercircle4, or you can email us at

If you’re here at Problogger we would absolutely love you come and say hello to us – we don’t bite, we promise!

Louise Acheson Louise Acheson

Louise is the Social Media Manager for World Vision Australia.


2 Responses

  • Maxabella says:

    Stephen, you were excellent on the panel and I am inspired by all of you to bring my offline charities online with me. Thank you. x

    • Stephen Ellis says:

      @Maxabella:disqus Hi Maxabella – apologies for the tardy reply. I actually *thought* I replied but have evidently had a blogging fail with nothing being published. Thank you for your kind words, it’s always wonderful to participate in sessions and hear such wonderful stories from different bloggers. Do say hi if you see me at another conference. And happy blogging 🙂

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