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World Vision Australia Blog Ambassador Trip 2014

World Vision
29 October 2014 by Louise Acheson
World Vision Australia Blog Ambassador Trip 2014

Blogger Eden Riley meeting children in Niger in 2012.

We’re excited to announce our 2014 Blog Ambassador Trip! In late November World Vision will take two Australian bloggers to experience our work in Uganda. They’ll see examples of child sponsorship, community empowerment, child protection, healthcare projects and so much more – and they’ll be sharing their experiences through our blog and their own.

Introducing our two trip participants

eden riley wva

Eden Riley of Edenland

I’m a writer, poet, blogger, mother. I’ve been sponsoring children with World Vision for twelve years. I’ve been on two World Vision Field Trips, the first to Niger in West Africa to write about the food crisis and then to India to visit slums, children living in poverty. Seeing first-hand how World Vision Projects change entire communities and save peoples lives has been incredibly humbling and has affected me forever.

World Vision do good work! Work that is not necessarily covered by the “mainstream” any more.

I’m apprehensive about the upcoming trip to Uganda, but mostly incredibly honoured to be able to visit and share the stories and voices of people whose stories and voices wouldn’t usually be heard, in the busy lives we lead.

I hope that my words from over in Uganda will be heard, and acted upon. And on a personal level .. after the recent death of my brother, I need to prove to myself that I can still do meaningful things in the world.

emma headshot 3

Emma Lovell of Adventures of Traveller Em and Lovelly Communications

My name is Emma Lovell and I’m passionate about travel, charity and comedy. I love my work in marketing and PR and have used this skill to travel the world and also volunteer and work with a number of charities. I love adventures, snowboarding and meeting people.

I’ve been sponsoring children with World Vision since 2004. I always wanted to sponsor a child and I was 17 and had been asking mum and dad for years. I one day at my casual waitress job realised that I was earning more in tips in a few nights then it cost to sponsor a child for a month. I went and sponsored a little boy from Tanzania the very next day. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit him in December 2008 and I can say without a doubt that this was the best day of my life. I now sponsor a little girl in Nepal and am hoping to visit her next year. I sponsor with World Vision because I believe in their model of sustainability and community. Working with the local people to better the community and to improve their needs as a group. It’s wonderful to see and I love that through sponsoring a child, I am able to help the entire community.

This will be my third trip to Africa and my third visit to a World Vision project but my first as a Blog Ambassador! I loved visiting this continent and can’t wait to see another country and how the communities and people live there. I am very much looking forward to learning about Uganda, the issues they face and how World Vision is working with them to make a sustainable and healthy community.

This is a troublesome time in Africa and there are a lot of things being said about travelling there. I want to see what is happening for myself and to learn about the people there. Our lives are so different in Australia and I want to understand what they are going through. We need to understand the needs of these communities in order to help. I look forward to sharing my experience with people back in Australia.

Why do we work with bloggers?

Bloggers share their lives, their interests and their expertise with their readers – and many of them believe in using their own platforms for social good. We partner with a variety of bloggers from across Australia who are passionate about our work. We help them to stay informed about the ongoing work that we do and share the causes and issues they believe in with their audience.

It’s about helping people understand how World Vision works and how our projects make a long-term difference. We want to empower our Blog Ambassadors to give voices to the people and communities that we work with, who may not have the resources to tell their own stories. We do not pay for sponsored posts, and each story that you see comes from the heart of each writer.

You can keep up to date with the trip in November through our various social media channels:

Eden Riley: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Emma Lovell: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

World Vision Australia: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Louise Acheson Louise Acheson

Louise is the Social Media Manager for World Vision Australia.


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