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Who works at World Vision Australia?

World Vision
27 August 2015 by Jason Mete
Who works at World Vision Australia?

Who are all these people squinting up at the camera? Some of World Vision Australia's staff! Photo by Ilana Rose, World Vision Australia

World Vision Australia is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

This is a pretty strong position to hold, and no mean feat to achieve; if it were, we would not be amongst more than 60,000 registered non-government organisations operating in Australia working towards similar goals.

Even though this number is staggering, it’s nothing new and not at all surprising. Anyone reading this will know, mostly from the loads of media, that there’s a heap of the development work that needs to be done and a mass of support needed to do it.

But who’s doing the work?

Well, dig deeper into the NGO world through the eye-opening stories, past the innovative projects and around our amazing supporters. At the heart of it all, you will find some very passionate, dedicated and intelligent staff (it’s not often that we get to blow our own horn, so bear with me).

So this blog series is going to be about just that, them, us! The humble heroes of World Vision Australia.

Who is going to take you on this behind the scenes journey of what life is like working here?

Introducing Nhi, Karen, David and Jason, World Vision Australia’s recruitment team. We work with the organisation to ensure it has the staff and volunteers needed to fulfil our mission. To be a Christian organisation that engages people to eliminate poverty and its causes.

But enough about us. We could talk about ourselves all day, trust us! This blog series is about them. And it will give you, our colleague, supporter, follower, partner, an insight into the World Vision Australia family and what it takes to be a part of something that is bigger than all of us.

Jason Mete Jason Mete

Jason Mete is a People and Culture Advisor at World Vision Australia. Owner of two rescue beagles, lover of heavy red wine, motorbikes, and a big softy optimist.


2 Responses

  • Alannah Williams says:

    I am interested to know how writers like myself can get involved with writing meaningful articles about the lives of these children. Do you offer any work experience or internships in this department? I live in Adelaide. Thanks

    • TimJ, World Vision team says:

      Hi Alannah, thanks for your message and request. Our Social Media department is based in Melbourne and our work experience/ intern process is undergoing a review, so unfortunately we will not have an intake this year. Please email: and I can give you some other options for getting involved in our work.

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