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Working hard to help build a stronger, more resilient community – starting with the children

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2 October 2014 by Sheree
Working hard to help build a stronger, more resilient community – starting with the children

Sheree at work. "I like being able to help local kids and give them a better future," she says. Photo by Mike Amos, World Vision

Hello, my name is Sheree and I’m a Warlpiri woman from Lajamanu.

Ever since I was young, I’ve loved to learn. From my grandparents I learnt about some of our traditions, and I’m always happy to learn more.

My grandfather was well regarded in our community, and I’ll never forget what he taught me. My respect comes from him. My grandmother would take me out hunting. I think my patience comes from her.

Now I’m teaching people too. I love to work with kids, and I love supporting families. It’s part of my personality, and now it’s also what I’ve been trained for.

World Vision gave me lots of help and encouragement to get my Cert III in Children’s Services. It really brightened up my future and helped me build my skills to the next level.

My qualifications meant I could get a job as an assistant teacher at the primary school. Now I work with families to help them grow up strong children.

It’s good to start with the young kids. I encourage mums and dads to take their kids to day care or playground. It gives children confidence and the ability to socialise with others, so they’re ready for school when they get there. They understand what their teachers are saying, and they follow routine because they are used to doing that from playgroup.

It’s also important for the kids to learn about culture and the old ways, so they can carry our traditions on. Together, good education and our traditions mean we can have better health and more choices and opportunities.

It all starts with helping yourself and your family, so we can make a better future for our kids and our community. The people from World Vision are really helping us with that.

You can support Indigenous Australian families and communities to create lasting change through our Australia Program. You can also learn more about our work in Indigenous communities through our partnership with The Guardian Australia, ‘Walk With Us’

Sheree Sheree

Sheree is currently employed as a community family worker in Lajamanu and is studying business part time.


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