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Work Experience with World Vision.

World Vision
9 June 2017 by Pelham Martini
Work Experience with World Vision.

Photo by World Vision

Year 10 student Pelham, reflects on his time with World Vision Australia during his recent Work Experience placement.

Work experience at World Vision was a great experience as it helped me to learn about the world and its current conditions as well as the problems that many people and countries face. So much effort goes into what they do and the workplace has heaps of passion and kindness. I felt very welcome being there and saw that they all had the best of motives towards helping the world.

What World Vision does is amazing and its astonishing how much they do for people and how they focus on the good side of people instead of showing sad poverty stricken images. They do this by using pictures and videos of happy clean children to illustrate how the donations have a positive impact. Working at World Vision Australia made me think about how people focus too much on negative stuff and small things whereas we should be focusing on the important things; things like happiness, social justice and helping others. Working here made me think that in the future these things could become a main focus in the world.

The people working at World Vision were all nice, amazing people and treated me equally to them in the work place. They taught me plenty of things and took time out of their day to show me the ropes of how things are done at the workplace. I learned about Humanitarian Emergency Affairs (HEA) and how they implement emergency response and recovery activities to save lives. I also talked with Carissa from VGen about young people trying to make a difference in the world and about working towards gaining fair trade. Andrew from the Policy and Advocacy team also sat down with me and talked about why they are important to influence people into making sure their voices are heard.

At the Contact Centre, I had a conversation about how World Vision reaches out to people using social media and how important it is to reach out to their supporters. I also had a chat with Kate from the Social Media team and helped to find photos to use for social media sites. I looked at the marketing side of things to see what they did with partnerships and sponsoring. I went to talk to someone from the Program Resources team and looked at what World Vision sends to people in poorer countries. I found it amazing that they send wheelchairs and birth kits to the people that need them and that the wheelchairs can even be customised if need be. I had an extensive look at Community Partnerships and what they do with schools and communities. I was even able to have an early look at a project with my own school.

I discovered that everyone in World Vision is important from the CEO to even the cleaners as the organisation relies on every single person to properly operate…

One employee stated that World Vision was like a clock and every single person there, even the cleaners were important as that without one part of the clock (one person) it would not function properly.

A single missing person could cause a lot of disruption and it was amazing to see how hard everyone worked and how much effort goes into what they do.

I learned about the contributions that celebrities such as Hugh Jackman make to organisations like World Vision. Hugh actually travelled to Ethiopia to gain an insight about fair trade and the circumstances these people live in. During his journey, he recorded his adventure and turned this footage into a documentary called “Dukale’s Dream”. It was amazing to see what someone like Hugh Jackman could contribute to the much less fortunate people of Ethiopia.

The people working with the 40 Hour Famine were so excited to have a young person in the workplace which was pretty funny to me as I didn’t think that teenagers could be that hard to understand. I sat in a few meetings with them and saw how much detail went in to their work and what they do. The 40 Hour Famine is a great thing because not only does it raise money and awareness for World Vision but it also puts you in the position of some of the people that are less fortunate than most people. I also helped test the 40 Hour Famine website and gave them some insights as to what they could fix or add on to make it more user-friendly for people browsing the site. I enjoyed working with them as it was cool to see them taking “a youth” very seriously.

I really enjoyed working with World Vision Australia, it was an amazing eye opening experience and I enjoyed every second. Every person I met at World Vision was very nice and I didn’t have a single bad experience in the whole week I was there. I learned so much while I was at World Vision and hope to be able to work with them in the future. Thanks to World Vision for giving me this opportunity and I’m glad that you accepted me for work experience.

Pelham Martini Pelham Martini

Pelham is a Year 10 student who recently completed Work Experience with World Vision Australia.


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