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What makes me get up for work everyday

World Vision
20 January 2015 by Brian Inciso
What makes me get up for work everyday

Brian works for World Vision in the Phillipines. After Typhoon Haiyan he met Alicia - he's sharing her story in pictures. Image by Brian Inciso, World Vision

My name is Brian. Most days, I sit at a desk piled with papers that urgently need attention. I love to draw, but rarely get the chance.

Instead, I work with a team who are building houses for survivors of Typhoon Haiyan – people who continue to experience the devastation of the super storm, even though it happened more than a year ago.


Recently, I met Alicia and was reminded why this kind of work is important.

I decided to draw her story.


Alicia is a single mother who hid in her home during Typhoon Haiyan with her daughter.

The wind was so strong, it toppled Alicia’s home. She and her daughter were left homeless and with very little money.


In the months after, Alicia felt like there was very little hope. Tears still fall as she remembers the experience.


She salvaged together materials from her destroyed home and pieced together a makeshift shelter.

But it had holes in the walls and leaked, and the dirt floor easily turned to mud in the rain. She didn’t feel safe there.

While her daughter returned to school, Alicia toiled in the fields growing root vegetables to sell at the market for a few pesos.


The small amount of money she earned wasn’t enough to build a stronger, better home.

When our team at World Vision met Alicia and her daughter, we realized she needed a safer place to live. The assessments revealed that she was one of the most vulnerable who neither had the money or manpower to build a home on her own.


We began working with Alicia to construct her a new home.

When Alicia was handed the keys to her new home, she couldn’t contain her emotions. She was so happy. I went to visit them later and they were living comfortably in their new home. She told me words couldn’t express her gratitude to World Vision for helping her get back on her feet.


Alicia is one of some 400 families that have been assisted with a new built home.

It’s people like Alicia and her daughter that I think about when the paper is stacked high and the demands are many. The people we assist continue to bring a smile to my face, and keep me moving forward.


Brian Inciso Brian Inciso

Brian is a Technical Officer for World Vision Philippines. He conceptualizes and design shelter plan, oversees the construction of houses and facilitates build back better workshops in the communities.


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