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Visiting my sponsor child was music to my ears

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4 December 2013 by Bryce Wastney
Visiting my sponsor child was music to my ears

Vision Artist Bryce Wastney meets his sponsored child Britania in Indonesia.

As a singer/songwriter I often draw inspiration from my travels and life experiences. I sponsored Britania when I was struggling financially last year. Part of me thought “this is crazy, how will I pay my bills?” and the other part of me said “this will be a life changing experience”.

I looked at her photos and read that she wanted to become a school teacher, and I could tell by the look in her eyes she had something special to offer like so many of the children that need sponsorship. World Vision gave me the opportunity to meet her for the first time this November and it was an incredible trip filled with hope and inspiration.

Britania lives in the remote island of Sumba which is a 1.5 hour flight from the city of Denpasar. We drove past barren landscapes, skinny cows and kids walking for long distances on the hot road to get to school as cars and overloaded motorbikes zoomed past.

When I arrived at the school I shook a lot of hands (teachers, parents etc), and all of a sudden there she was with her big brown eyes looking up at me and a shy demeanour. I think she was scared of my beard!

Her radiant smile was what made me melt. I gave her my gift (a pink note book and set of colouring pens), which had her beaming from ear to ear. She drew a picture of me and I drew a map of New Zealand showing her where I live.

The school had a friendly vibe with the kids appreciating their teachers (which isn’t always the case back home!). We played soccer, volleyball and hi-fived all the children before Britania sang me a special song.

Not only did we visit Britania and her community but World Vision also showed me other programs they were engaged with. The staff at World Vision really impressed me with their close connection with the locals and their commitment to the local projects, which ranged from supporting fishermen with fishing nets, providing yarn so people could weave clothing to sell and teaching families to implement a savings plan for their children’s future.

I was so inspired by the experience that I wrote a new song for Britania, which also encourages others to sponsor a child too. The video below is a snapshot of some of the inspiring things I saw.

Inspired by Bryce’s story? See how you can visit your sponsored child too. 

Bryce Wastney Bryce Wastney

Bryce Wastney is a singer/songwriter from New Zealand and a Vision Artist, using his songs to advocate for social justice. Find out more about his music on his website.


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