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Using music to give all children a chance at life

World Vision
28 November 2014 by Ezereve
Using music to give all children a chance at life

Musician Ezereve is inspired by her children - and she's passionate about giving all children the best chance in life. Photo by Kirsty Russell

I’m Ezereve, a 28 year old singer/songwriter and mother of four. Children are so precious and I’m passionate about protecting them. I’ve recorded my new album ‘Knocking on the Shore’ to raise $20,000 for a World Vision Child Rescue Centre in Cambodia. Once I reach the target I plan to visit the Cambodia to see the impact that World Vision has made.

When I first asked my son Kale (who is in year 1) if he’d be an actor in the music video clip, his response was surprising…

Kale: “No.”

Me: “Come on. It’s for a good cause. Please? I’ll give you $5?”

Kale: “Make it $10.”

Ashleya: (8) “Ooh! I’ll be in it for $10!”

Jewel: (4) “Mum, I’ll pay you 5 cents if you let me be in it!”

Kale: “OK. I’ll do it. For $15.”

Me: “What?! $15?!”

Kale: “No. Actually make it $20.”

Me: “How about I get your cousin down the road to do it for $10 and you’ll get nothing?”

Kale: (hastily) “No, no, no, I’ll do it for $10!!!!!”

Then came the Christmas nativity choir opportunity…

Me: “Do you kids want to be in it?”

Kale: (suspiciously, with raised eyebrows) “How much will I get paid to do it?”

Me: “Come on Kale. It’s for a church. No one gets paid. It’s called volunteering.”

Kale: (very decidedly) “Nope. I’m not doing it.”

Ashleya and Jewel: “We’ll do it!!!!”

I know my son is well… special. I mean what other kid in grade one knows the periodic table off by heart for crying out loud! When he grows up he wants to either:

  1. A) Take over Nestle and ensure they only use fair trade chocolate in their chocolate bars OR
  2. B) Take over Coles Myer and ensure they only stock free range eggs, rather than caged eggs

(Apparently Woolworths don’t need to be rescued by Kale because they already stock free range eggs only!)

Also Kale’s year one teacher busted him dealing lollies to the kids in the playground and making a profit. She said he is working at least at a year 4 level, so next year he is skipping grade 2 and going straight to grade 3. But the only reason he is flourishing is because he has been fortunate enough to have been born in Australia, a land of opportunity, with access to healthcare, education and most importantly the public library, where he has memorised significant facts such as the pH of a rhubarb.

But I wonder what Kale would be like if he wasn’t born here? What if he was born in a poorer country like Cambodia, and through tragic circumstances found himself alone on the streets? There are children just like Kale out there who when given a chance at life would also have the opportunity to tell you what googolplex means!

That’s why I write songs. It’s not just my children that deserve to be loved and have their basic needs of shelter, healthcare and education met. All children deserve this. It is their right! That is why my family is raising $20K for a World Vision Child Rescue Centre in Cambodia. To give the children like Kale out there a chance at life.

You can listen to ‘Knocking on the Shore’ here and follow our family adventures on Facebook here.

Ezereve Ezereve

Ezereve is a World Vision Artist and a Perth mum of four passionate about making a difference using whatever is in her hand. She has raised $20,000 for World Vision’s work.


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