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Story of a Vision Sister

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11 February 2016 by Nell Butler
Story of a Vision Sister

Nell and other Vision Sisters supporters packing clean birthing kits. Photo by Lucy Aulich, World Vision

I first got involved with Vision Sisters after a friend held a fundraiser afternoon tea at our church. It was a social event combined with speakers from Vision Sisters. They explained the concept of the clean birthing kit project and spoke of first-hand experience in seeing the impact on communities. They also explained what was involved in running a clean birthing kit packing event.

I was moved to host a packing event as I was struck by the sadness of precious babies dying needlessly in their first days of life, due to something so basic as unhygienic birthing conditions. I had recently returned from London where I spent most of the year helping my daughter care for her very ill baby boy. I had spent months going in and out of the finest hospitals in London where our precious Josiah’s life hung in the balance. Despite the highest quality first world medical care our little baby died at four months of age.

Although shattered at our loss, we knew our Josiah had every chance at life. This is a chance denied babies in developing countries. The Clean Birthing Kit gives them a chance. It is such a little thing but it can make such a huge difference. Knowing the heartbreak of losing a dear little baby, I guess I felt moved to do something. I didn’t want others to needlessly experience such sadness and tragedy.


I know other women would love being a part of Vision Sisters as it is such a simple and easy thing to do, yet its impact is literally lifesaving. Women know the love they have for their own children and can relate to their sisters in the developing world. There’s an excitement as you think about the mums and babies who will use the clean birthing kits you’re packing – and the community health workers who will be trained to provide pre-and postnatal support to mums by the funds you raised.

It was very easy to host the packing event. The instructions were emailed to me and most of the equipment was provided. I gathered a couple of extra things we needed and invited my girlfriends to make a ‘Sister Gift’ toward the cost of the kits and enjoy a ‘girls night in’, chatting and packing! Everyone I asked wanted to be involved.

We felt great as we had enjoyed our evening of socialising but we’d also done something constructive and life changing for others. There was a sense of helping in a tangible and practical way.

It was not a difficult thing to do. There was a little bit of organisation and checking that I had all the equipment we needed, but Vision Sisters make it pretty seamless. The sense of fulfilment when the boxes are filled with clean birthing kits and on their way, is everything!

Join Vision Sisters and help reach our goal of packing 60,000 clean birthing kits this year. Visit our website to organise your Vision Sisters clean birthing kit packing event!

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