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A sponsorship story

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10 November 2016 by Moira Neagle
A sponsorship story

Children in Surabaya, Indonesia celebrate with a school parade.

Some years ago, as a mother of two young sons, I was very aware of how much support they enjoy in comparison to many millions of children. I could see that sponsoring a World Vision child was a small way I could give a little help to other children.

I have been sponsoring a child in Surabaya, Indonesia for many years. It is now time for her and I to go our separate ways, as the project in her community is coming to an end. This news caught me by surprise as I hadn’t realised that so many years had passed and that Siti is now a young woman.

I chose to sponsor an Indonesian child in the hope that it may challenge my long journey in learning Bahasa Indonesian. When I have received reports from her, I have endeavoured to make meaning of her message to me and invariably have to seek out the English translation at the bottom of the page.

World Vision has sent me a link to a superb video which tells the story of how my sponsorship has helped reach deep into the child’s community and spread the support through numerous education and social programs. It was very heartening to see that my contribution has been a part of change that has not only benefited Siti during her sponsorship, but will continue to benefit her and many other children into the future.


When I have sent Siti a birthday or Christmas present, I have tried to emulate the underlying principles of World Vision by sending her gifts which she can share with her siblings and friends: a frisbee, balls, a long skipping rope and books.

As a teacher, I intend sharing this video with my students to show them a sample of Indonesian life and how World Vision supports not just a child, but their family and wider community.

It is time for me to look forward to my next World Vision relationship and feel satisfaction that what I can contribute can positively impact in a ripple out effect. Maybe this time, my Bahasa Indonesian might develop a little more!

Moira Neagle Moira Neagle

Moira Neagle is a principal of a small rural South Australian primary school. She writes for two local country newspapers and the state’s farming newpaper.


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