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A song and dance in Lesotho: Meeting our sponsored child

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7 July 2014 by Merelyn and David Carter
A song and dance in Lesotho: Meeting our sponsored child

Merelyn and David Carter play music and sing with children in Lesotho, including their sponsored child Kabelo.

Musicians Merelyn and David Carter, who perform as Carter and Carter, have been World Vision child sponsors for more than 20 years. So when World Vision approached them to become Vision Artists, they got excited. This led to a creative idea to help spread the message about World Vision’s work – a paper mache pig. The moneybox, named Patty The Pig, is passed around at Carter and Carter concerts. Last year Patty helped raise almost $4000 – enough to purchase around 76 pigs and other animals to support some of the world’s poorest communities.

Merelyn and David recently travelled to Lesotho to see World Vision’s work up close and meet their sponsored child, Kabelo. Here’s what happened.

Meeting our sponsored child in Lesotho was an unforgettable moment.  We visited the school in the village and were formally welcomed by the vivacious Headmistress. “I am happy,” she told us in English.  They sang and danced for us.  We taught them the Hokey Pokey.  Awesome!

Merelyn teaching Lesotho kids the Hokey Pokey

Then it came time to meet Kabelo.  We were all nervous.  They called him out in front of the whole school.  Poor little kid – he was overwhelmed.  We said hello and spent the afternoon with him – we sang and danced and let the universal language of music bridge any communication gaps we had.  Exhilarating, emotional, exhausting!

Carter and Carter meet sponsored child Kabelo

We also visited some of the success stories that World Vision has facilitated in Lesotho, including a beautiful lady who was granted a pair of pigs three years ago.  Now she has 16 pigs, four sheep and a few chickens.  She has started a support group in her community and is now self-sustaining. Patty the Pig even made a friend!

Patty The Pig meets one of her own at a sustainable piggery in Lesotho


We journeyed further to visit corn farmers and see their conservation agriculture.  They are learning to understand the effects that drought and other harsh farming conditions has on their crops, and are learning whatever they can to meet these challenges. Then we go to visit the local maternal health clinic that was educating people about nutrition as well as HIV/AIDS care and prevention.

We saw ‘keyhole gardens’ where recycled water is channelled to simple raised garden beds, and we saw how they are learning to preserve their food without the use of electricity.

We saw the challenges, felt a glimpse of the heartache, but mostly we came away feeling that we had been uplifted and encouraged that every one of us here in Australia can make a difference.

Find out more about sponsoring a child or visiting your sponsor child with World Vision.

Merelyn and David Carter Merelyn and David Carter

Carter & Carter have recently released a new album called ‘Wonderful World’, to listen to their songs and find out more visit their website or Facebook page.


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