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Seeing World Vision’s work up close

World Vision
8 November 2012 by Kelly Burstow
Seeing World Vision’s work up close

Our bloggers are off to India! Photo by Alyssa Bistonath, World Vision

Kelly is one of four bloggers heading to India to see child sponsorship in action. You can follow our bloggers’ journey on the World Vision blog or at #wvaindia on Twitter and Instagram. This piece, originally published on her blog, is part of our ongoing coverage.

I have BIG news to share! In a few days, I’ll be on my way to India. India! Can you believe it? I’m honoured and humbled. I’m both excited and terrified.

As the crow flies, it’s 10,200 kilometres from Brisbane, Australia to New Delhi in India.

Together with Eden from Edenland, Carly from SmaggleMischo Baranovic and Joy from World Vision, I’ll be visiting visiting different parts of India to see firsthand the innovative development and inspiring community-driven change fostered by World Vision projects.

Travel vaccinations are done...

Travel vaccinations are done…

This is an opportunity to use my blog to give a voice to others, and that thrills me. What an honour! It also scares me. I feel a burden of responsibility to get it right. To say it right. But, as always, I’ll come back to telling stories of truth. Because, I can do that.

I’m also feeling  nervous about leaving my children. Oh, I will miss them! They will be fine, I know (in fact they are excited about staying with their aunties); I’m leaving them with people who love them, and who I trust, but I’ll be so far away. You never stop being a mother, even when you’re kids aren’t with you.

Mothers. Children. Yes, this is my heart, and if raising my voice can improve the life of one child, and one mother, that’s where it all starts. Because seeds grow.

I’m just one girl. I’m not remarkable, or important. I’m not a journalist, or social worker. I’m not representing media and I don’t have a fixed agenda. I’m just one girl, but I’m going to India and I’m taking you with me through stories and pictures. To tell stories that are, so very often, forgotten by mainstream media.

Come with me

I plan to blog while I’m over there (when I can), and so I’m asking all of you, is there a particular topic you’re interested in me covering?

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