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Say thanks, change the world

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24 July 2015 by Heath Evans
Say thanks, change the world

It’s been a tough year, which has seen World Vision respond to several disasters, as well as tackle the ongoing challenges we face in our work with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Thanks to the ongoing generosity of Australians we continue to deliver meaningful impact within these communities and wanted to say thank you to our supporters who make this possible.

The act of saying thank you can be incredibly powerful, and World Vision Australia has recently joined forces with Good Thnx, an Australian innovation that is creating a world with more gratitude. Good Thnx want to invite one million Aussies to join them in saying Thnx and rewarding the good in the community – using smartphones to unleash the power of gratitude and make a positive difference to the world.

The Good Thnx platform, developed in Adelaide, is built on a simple premise: when someone does something nice for you or good for the world (the Good), you can reward them by sending thanks plus a small donation to a charity of their choice (the Thnx).

“The simple act of saying thank you can have an incredibly powerful impact on an individual, so we support any concept which provides an even easier way to demonstrate gratitude for all the wonderful things people do,” said Ash Knop, Director of Corporate, Church and Community Partnerships at World Vision.

“We are proud to be one of the charity partners featured in the launch of the exciting new concept, and look forward to seeing people embrace it as a new way to have a positive impact both in their own networks, but also with an impact on helping those less fortunate in the process.”

Co-Founder of Good Thnx, Shannon Poulton, says the platform enables people to reward and reinforce good deeds: “The simple idea of embracing the power of gratitude and appreciation will act as a positive behavioural loop, encouraging more acts of kindness, and more rewarding of good behaviours, and on it goes.”

Ariunzul , Anujin and Burenbaatar from Mongolia say thank you! Photo by Enkhzul Altangerel, World Vision

Ariunzul , Anujin and Burenbaatar from Mongolia say thank you! Photo by Enkhzul Altangerel, World Vision

In addition to World Vision, four other leading charities are partnering with Good Thnx: beyondblue, RSPCA South Australia, St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria, and WWF-Australia.

Poulton and fellow co-founder Ante Juricin, together with their charity partners, have been working on the platform in consultation with a heavy-hitting advisory board of Australians with world-class experience in Internet technology, consumer behaviour and social innovation, including Alan Noble, Engineering Director at Google Australia & New Zealand; Adam Ferrier, Global Chief Strategy Officer at cummins&partners; and David Paterson, Chief Innovation Officer, World Vision Australia.

Australians can go to the Good Thnx website from today and say thanks straight from their web browser, or download and use the free iOS or Android apps.

Thanks to a successful campaign on Aussie crowdfunding website, the first 10,000 users will be credited with $1 on their account to get started on rewarding good, saying thnx and changing the world!

Heath Evans

Heath Evans is a Campaign Manager for Church, Corporate and Community at World Vision Australia.


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