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Saving lives outside of the hospital – a midwife’s Vision Sisters motivation

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15 August 2016 by Kristin Want
Saving lives outside of the hospital – a midwife’s Vision Sisters motivation

"It’s a great feeling when women come together and are able to do something so worthwhile," says midwife Kristin.

As a midwife in a large hospital in Australia, I’ve been blessed to witness many safe deliveries of healthy babies. This has made me passionate about helping mothers and babies in the world’s poorest countries – something I have been able to put into action through Vision Sisters.

As a midwife here in Australia, we have everything we need within arm’s reach. We can grab anything we need… in any emergency we have it right there. Being a midwife and seeing these things and knowing that women in countries like Uganda don’t have anything like this, breaks my heart.

I was shocked to hear that half of all women in Uganda give birth alone, often on hard dirt floors and without a skilled worker to assist them. Even more difficult to comprehend is that one in 49 women dies in childbirth.

Vision Sisters are everyday Australian women like me who want to help these women, by providing clean birthing kits and training community health workers to support mothers and babies during pregnancy and the first few years of the baby’s life. It’s just amazing to know that I’m part of that.

For women in the world’s poorest communities, having the basic items in the kit makes a huge impact on preventing infection and keep a clean environment while they’re giving birth.The gauze, the blade, the clean sheet to deliver on – small items that make a world of difference. I love knowing that by packing these clean birthing kits I’m able to do my small bit in giving women the basics for a better birthing environment.


I would definitely recommend other midwives and others get on board and be part of Vision Sisters. It’s a great feeling when women come together and are able to do something so worthwhile that you know is going to make an impact on other women’s lives.

Women in Australia, we don’t realise how good we’ve got it. We do take it for granted – the women in my hospital often want a different room because the view isn’t great or they don’t have a double bed or things like that. Just to think that women in poor countries don’t have any of that – they can’t even often get to a health centre to be able to give birth. It does not seem right. To be able to do something small for them to create a more positive experience is just the best feeling.

Join Vision Sisters – a community of Australian women joining together with compassion, to stand by our sisters facing poverty and injustice around the world.

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