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Running for a reason bigger than myself

World Vision
12 January 2016 by David Schaap
Running for a reason bigger than myself

I am an endurance runner. I love covering long distances alone on the road, listening to my breathing, the sound of my footfalls and the songs of the many birds around me. I’m gone for hours at a time and for me this is a form of moving meditation, it’s where I find peace and time to just be with my own thoughts. This is my quiet place entirely dedicated to me.

But I am lucky. Across the world people are forced to endure the long distances that I thrive in but they are not running for enjoyment or to find peace. They are travelling for miles searching for what we take for granted… clean water. And not only do they need to find this water, they then fill large drums and carry it back to their villages and homes. Children are doing this back-breaking task daily just to survive.

I want to see a world where this is no longer necessary and I’ve signed up for the RunFAR challenge to raise funds that will allow kids to be kids again. I want to know that they are running because they are playing and that they are laughing because they are happy and healthy. As a Dad, I know the sound of joy in a child’s laugh. It’s the most precious sound that should not be denied to anyone.

I’m Running For a Reason throughout January to put water pumps into villages or to drill new fresh water boreholes. These simple things make a huge difference to children struggling to survive. I want to help create that change and as an endurance runner I have the capacity to push myself further in order to raise the money needed to achieve this.

To get the challenge off to a good start, I ran a marathon on January 10th and completed the 42.2 kilometres with the hope that people would be inspired to support me or to start their own challenge.

It is my desire to see people running and at the same time, respecting the distance that those less fortunate have to do in order to live and then, like me, wanting to create a positive change. I want to hear the laughter of a child pumping out water next to their home and having the life that a kid should be able to flourish in. This is my challenge.

You can help bring clean water closer for communities by signing up for the RunFAR challenge or supporting a participant like David

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