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Pignapped: Help us find Dennis the pig

World Vision
19 December 2012 by World Vision
Pignapped: Help us find Dennis the pig

This little fundraising pig went to market, and hasn’t been seen since.  Can you help us find him?

Dennis the piggy-bank pig went missing from a World Vision stand in Canberra, where he was collecting funds for our development projects all over the world. Pigs play an important role in our Christmas appeal – most of them are of the live variety and are in our gift catalogue for people to buy on behalf of friends and family to help children, families and communities in need.

We hope that Dennis the pig is in safe hands and that there will be a happy ending to the pig-napping. Bertha, mum of Dennis, has made a plea below for Dennis’ safe return!

People have already started pig-snapping, to help us spread the word. We’d love your help! Simply:

1. Snap a picture of a pig (if you don’t have one handy visit one of our shopping centre stands)

2. Tweet or instagram it with the tags #isthisdennis? and @worldvisionaus. Easy!

We’ll be keeping an eye on the photo stream, and will let you know as soon as we see hide or hair of Dennis! Check back here for updates.




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