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My passion: helping children access clean water

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15 December 2016 by Demy
My passion: helping children access clean water

As Christmas is fast approaching, I’m really excited about the holidays and the opportunity to spend time with friends and family. Family has always been important to me and have grounded me with what’s important in life. From a very young age I had a passion to help people in need. My parents have always encouraged me to look at others and remember how fortunate I am to be living in Australia. Because of this I have been constantly inspired and touched seeing my local community help each other in various ways.


As a creative person, a passion of mine is singing and song writing. I love spending hours on my own writing lyrics that are close to my heart. It has been my ambition to contribute to those less fortunate than us. Recently I wrote a song “Helping Hand” which reflects my experiences I’ve had in supporting others and my faith journey. The main message behind my song is to not expect a miracle to come to you but to be someone else’s miracle. It is each person’s responsibility to love and serve each other as a child of God. It is my hope this song inspires others to act kindly in making someone else’s day special.

I’ve learnt that kids as young as me or younger walk for miles whilst suffering through natural disasters just to collect one or two buckets of dirty water to survive whilst I have clean water at my disposal everyday. World Vision work in many countries providing ways for communities to get clean water, but there is so much work to be done. And so this Christmas I want to be able to use my voice to help make someone’s day special. I decided to partner with World Vision as they reach so many people with their work around the world. I am donating the proceeds from the sales of my song “Helping Hand” towards World Vision’s work in providing clean water and sanitation to where it’s most needed. You can help me make a difference by buying my song as I donate all proceeds to World Vision’s work in clean water this Christmas.


Demy is a 12 year old singer/songwriter from Melbourne and a passionate World Vision supporter. Purchasing copies of Demy’s song “Helping Hand” could help World Vision’s work in countries lacking clean water infrastructure.


Demy Demy

Demy is a 12 year old singer/songwriter from Melbourne and a passionate World Vision supporter.


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