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Our new campaign to end child labour: #FreeTo Play.Learn.Grow

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22 April 2014 by Monique Dam
Our new campaign to end child labour: #FreeTo Play.Learn.Grow

Youth activist Monique Dam at the launch of VGen's new campaign against child labour, called #FreeTo Learn.Play.Grow.

Today I feel inspired! Months of hard work, planning, brainstorming and many Skype calls later, VGen has officially launched the #FreeTo Play. Learn. Grow campaign against child labour. Designed by youth, for youth, it shows that young Australians are passionate and committed to doing what they can to help end global poverty and injustice.

The campaign is about ensuring every child should be free to play, learn and grow. As young Australians who have this freedom, we should speak out and stand up for children who don’t.

I was inspired by the working children we met on our trip to Myanmar in January. There are many obstacles that the children will face, including being forced to work. But we saw that there was hope, as children shared with us their dreams of a better future.

As young people we need to come together to help secure a better future for us all.

To launch the campaign young people across Australia embarked on an ‘amazing race’ through their local cities.

This included talking to members of the public and market stallholders about the risks of child labour – and that by purchasing ethically they can help end labour exploitation.

We raised a lot of awareness and were so pleased to find stalls which sold ethically made t-shirts.

For some of the youth volunteers who were as young as 14, it was their first time speaking to members of the public about social justice issues – but everyone recognised how important it was that they were taking action. Despite the pouring rain in Sydney, the energy and enthusiasm of the groups persisted throughout the day!

This is only the beginning! Throughout the year, young people Australia will be taking everyday ethical action as part of the #FreeTo Play. Learn. Grow campaign – we hope you can join us!

Take a look at how the campaign began:

Take action today:

  1. Use the Shop Ethical! app to make informed decisions about which products to buy.
  2. Tell your friends they are #FreeTo buy ethically, by posting a photo of your ethical purchases to social media with the hashtag #FreeTo.


Monique Dam Monique Dam

Monique is a youth volunteer with World Vision Australia


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