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Nepal Earthquake: It pays to be prepared

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20 May 2015 by Sunjuli Singh
Nepal Earthquake: It pays to be prepared

Akash (left) and Ajay are both former sponsored children, who say information they learned from World Vision helped them to stay safe during the Nepal Earthquake. Photo by Sunjuli Singh, World Vision

It pays to be prepared. When the earthquake struck Nepal on a Saturday afternoon 16-year-old Ajay was with his friend in a park. As soon as they felt that everything around were shaking they quickly moved to a safer open-space away from surrounding buildings, they ducked, covered and held on.

“We learned about ‘duck cover hold’, not to rush out when there is a big earthquake if you are inside, but to look for safe places and to stay away from things falling on top of you,” Ajay said.

Ajay is a former World Vision sponsored child, and he used to be a member of his community’s children’s club. Among the many things he learned from his participation to club activities, was what to do when an earthquake hits.


“The most important thing is not to get frightened but to be aware of your surroundings and act accordingly,” he said.

Whatever he learned from the club, he shared with his family and friends. “My grandmother also ran from the house to open space outside as I had told her once about what she should do if an earthquake comes. I think many people are now aware about these things and have been able to practice what they have learnt during this earthquake, which has saved the lives of many for sure,” he said confidently.

The club was formed by World Vision, who helped with activities like poetry competitions and games like football, chess and caramboard. Ajay and his friends would spend their Saturdays at the club, interacting and enjoying each other’s company.

“We were lucky that we got supported by World Vision and were able to go to school. The stationery, uniform and other help we got from World Vision meant we were able to continue our studies at school. We became more aware about earthquakes through our teachers and more sharing with friends at school,” he said.

World Vision has supported various child clubs in Nepal and has helped with training in earthquake preparedness and awareness. You can support World Vision’s response to the Nepal Earthquake by donating to our appeal today.

Sunjuli Singh Sunjuli Singh

Sunjuli is a communications specialist for World Vision Nepal.


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