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Meet Buli, a former sponsor child who is now a senior World Vision staff member!

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16 September 2015 by Buli Hagidok
Meet Buli, a former sponsor child who is now a senior World Vision staff member!

Buli with her husband Simon, and their daughter Omri who is now almost 6 years old. Buli’s dream is that Omri will one day become a doctor. Photo by Eileen Darby.

Girls in Bangladesh can face a number of challenges such as child protection issues, gender inequality, early marriage and violence against women. World Vision Bangladesh works, among other things, to facilitate education for children and advocate for the rights of women and girls in the community.
Buli was 9 years old when she was sponsored through World Vision in Bangladesh which gave her opportunities to study and help overcome some of the issues facing girls like her in the country. She has not only gone on to complete her studies but has gone on to work for World Vision in Bangladesh. She has since excelled and now holds a senior management position in the organisation in a country where gender imbalance is common.
Here is her inspiring story:

My name is Buli and I am the youngest of 2 brothers and 2 sisters. My father was a carpenter and a farmer, and the only earning member in our family so it was very difficult to him to pay for education for myself and my siblings. He worked very hard indeed for our family’s survival. When I was 9 years old, World Vision selected me to be a Sponsored child. Unfortunately, my father died of a heart attack when I was just 12 years old. It was very terrible time for our whole family. My mother was not sure how she would be able to provide for the family as well as continue to support my education. Thankfully I was able to continue my studies thanks to my sponsorship, which was my last hope for my future!

My mother remarried which meant I didn’t get to see her much, but I continued my studies. My aim was to be a doctor, but due to highly expensive study I changed my dream and instead studied at Bangladesh Agricultural University and became an agriculturist! I got the opportunity for a part time teacher job in Mymensingh, and I was determined to complete this study so that I could work at World Vision. I was lucky enough to get a job at World Vision Bangladesh while I was still studying for my Masters of Science degree and worked hard to complete my study alongside full time work. I’ve worked for World Vision since 2008 and am now proud to say I’m the Senior Manager of Program Technical Support.

I’ve seen lots of impact due to World Vision’s work in my village as well as nearby areas where World Vision worked. Thousands of children from poor families have a chance to continue their study and receive supplies like note books, text books, school uniforms and school fees. Parents were also taught about the importance of education. In other areas the roads were very poor and it was hard to travel when it rained and the roads were muddy. World Vision constructed many roads and bridges which makes it much better for travel and communication. Many of the households used open toileting practices which are not sanitary and can spread many diseases so World Vision worked to provide clean water and good sanitation practices in the community to improve health and sanitation practices. They also gave training to parents to school drop outs so that they could encourage income generation, and started establishing and training savings groups.

There are thousands of people in my community who got new a life through the assistance of World Vision and I am so very grateful to the organisation, and incredibly proud to be a staff member of the World Vision family.

Buli Hagidok Buli Hagidok

Buli Hagidok is a former sponsor child, now Senior Manager for Program Technical Support in World Vision Bangladesh.


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