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Making A Difference through live music

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17 November 2014 by Michael Bianchi
Making A Difference through live music

We're excited to be bringing Grammy Award-winners Third Day to Australia for the 2015 Make a Difference Tour.

This February, World Vision is launching an innovative new fundraising model and Australians around the country have a chance to be a part of the fun!

Grammy Award-winners THIRD DAY, NEEDTOBREATHE and Australia’s own Levi McGrath will hit the road on World Vision’s first annual Make A Difference Tour, performing for audiences in eight cities. It’s THIRD DAY’s first Australian tour in seven years and a career first for NEEDTOBREATHE.

Why is World Vision putting a tour on the road? We’ve seen in other countries like the US and Canada that live events are an interactive, inspiring and cost effective way for people to engage with World Vision’s mission to fight poverty on an individual and community level. Our offices in North America have learned that spreading the World Vision message through live events is more cost effective than buying ads in magazines or on TV. And get this: The events with which World Vision US has partnered have found sponsors for over ONE MILLION children in the last 25 years. Pretty amazing!

The key to success is finding artist partners who are passionate about our work. THIRD DAY, for example, have already found sponsors at their concerts in North America for over 30,000 children.

THIRD DAY’s lead singer Mac Powell explains why their World Vision partnership is important to the band and their fans. “So often we are overwhelmed by what we see on the news and we think things are hopeless. But we have seen that things are not hopeless,” he says. “A child sponsor’s monthly gift can change the world of a child and his family. It goes towards things like clean water, food, medical care and education that will help that child rise above the poverty that she is living in. Think you can’t change the world? Maybe not, but you can change somebody’s world.”

We know Australians are some of the most generous people on the planet and want to make a difference around the world. We also know Australians love live music. So why not give people the opportunity to make a difference while enjoying some of the best live music around?

I hope you can join us this February at the Make A Difference Tour and experience World Vision in a whole new way. For more information, check out our website.

See you on the road!

Michael Bianchi

Michael is the Vision Artists Manager for World Vision Australia.


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