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Lucy Holmes: Making a difference

World Vision
14 March 2017 by Lucy Holmes
Lucy Holmes: Making a difference

Lucy Holmes performing in her 100% Kylie show.

You may be wondering what feathers, sequins, sparkles in a touring stage show could possibly have in common with the work that World Vision is doing. Admit it. It seems an odd mix. I mean, six inch stilettos or saving the world? Curtains calls or curing disease? Belting out a song or battling poverty? It may not seem to fit at first glance. So let me explain.

My name is Lucy Holmes, and among other things like being a Melbourne radio host, I’m Kylie Minogue. Well… the closest thing after her. I’ve donned her ostrich feather headpieces and I’ve performed as Kylie in the stage show 100% Kylie for over 15 years. Our show has toured the world and I’ve pretended to be one of Australia’s greatest (and shortest) exports, as a career. It’s been a glorious job, aside from the hot pants.

Being a performer isn’t rocket science, but when you have a theatre full of people on their feet singing and dancing, and forgetting the troubles of the world for a night, it’s a good feeling. I love entertaining, I love performing, and I love making a small difference by transporting people into another world for a few hours.

But when you take away the feathers, slip off the stilettos and wipe off the stage makeup … underneath there is simply a girl who has a desperate heart to see change in this world.

I’ve had the honour of doing some aid work overseas throughout the years, and it has changed me as a person. I’ve witnessed poverty beyond belief. I’ve seen people who have nothing, and never once heard them complain. I’ve been humbled. I’ve been confronted. And I’ve been changed for the better.

When I was in my early twenties, I went to a concert of a Christian artist. In the foyer was a World Vision stand and on that stand was the photo of the cutest little child from Uganda I had ever laid eyes on. Wearing a dusty blue dress, her name was Alice. She was 2. I stopped, I couldn’t walk past her. I couldn’t walk past without picking up her little orange card and staring into her brown eyes, which looked like they’d seen too much. I sponsored her then and there. From then I started on a journey and learnt about World Vision and the work they do.


Lucy at the Vision Sisters packing event in Melbourne, hosted in partnership with LightFM.

Over the last 17 years, I’ve had the joy of sponsoring many different children through World Vision and recently had the privilege of being an ambassador for Vision Sisters. I’ve seen projects become self-sufficient, I’ve had beautiful pictures drawn for me by kids. I’ve stuck many photos up in my pantry of the gorgeous children I’ve met on the other side of the world. I feel like it’s the least I can do, when I have been given so much. Sometimes it feels like winning the lottery of life, having been born in such a lucky country.

It’s unbelievably hard to walk away from a small child in a developing country and not think about my own two year old daughter. She has the world at her feet, and lives in one of the safest and most wealthy countries in the world. She wants for nothing. In 2015 an estimated 5.9 million children died before their fifth birthday. That’s nearly 6 million children – In one year. I can’t wrap my head around those figures.

That’s not right. That’s not ok. As a human race, we should be doing so much better than that.

And so that’s why I’ve decided to mix costumes with some caring. Heels with some hope. Feathers with some feeling. If, during my show, I can stop for a few moments and help the audience remember how incredibly blessed we are, and how we can make the difference in the life of child overseas, well I will. If I can share the joy I have from doing something so little that has such huge repercussions, I will. Unashamedly. I think Kylie would be proud. I know she has a huge heart for this sort of work.


So to all those reading who know the joy of sponsoring a child and saving a life, thank you for your huge heart. You are amazing. And to those who haven’t sponsored a child before, I urge you to stop and think about it. Jump online, or come and see me at my show, and stare into the eyes of a little one, like I did, and imagine the difference you could make in their life. It is one of the best feelings in the world.

Be the change you want to see in this world. It’s a dark place, and the news doesn’t seem to be getting any easier to swallow, but together we can start a revolution of love. Be the change. It starts with me and you. It starts with our generosity to those in desperate need. It starts with giving hope to the hopeless. We can do this.

Big love and feathers,

Lucy Holmes

The 100% Kylie Tribute Show will be touring Victoria and Tasmania from March onwards.

Sat 18th Mar             Warrnambool Lighthouse Theatre

Fri 24th Mar               Horsham Town Hall

Sat 25th Mar             Her Majesty’s Theatre Ballarat

Fri 31st Mar               The Capital Theatre Bendigo

Sat 1st Apr                 Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre

Fri 21st Apr                Geelong Performing Arts Centre

Sat 22nd Apr             Esso BHP Billiton Wellington Entertainment Centre Sale

Fri 26th May              Launceston Country Club

Sat 27th May             Wrest Point Casino

For more information and tickets, visit their site here.

Lucy Holmes Lucy Holmes

Lucy Holmes is the breakfast host on 89.9 Light FM in Melbourne, a Kylie Minogue tribute artist and World Vision Artist.


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