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Life in all its fullness: Fanning Sparks into Flames

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2 March 2017 by Darren Sterling
Life in all its fullness: Fanning Sparks into Flames

Photo by Darren Stirling.

Fourteen year old Srey Noun is the youngest of five children. She lives with her parents in a remote community in rural Cambodia. Shy and timid, Srey Noun was more inclined to watch life occur around her, than participate in it.

“I was a shy and fearful girl. I did not care about helping my parents to do work around the house. I did not participate in community activities because I thought that it was not my business. I wasn’t confident to communicate with my classmates or other people and didn’t share my knowledge or ideas with other people and class mates. I never shared my thoughts or ideas.”

Photo 1-12-17, 1 21 46 PM

Photo by Darren Sterling

A turning point for Srey Noun came in 2012, when members of a youth club facilitated by World Vision visited her home and encouraged her to join. As part of a youth club, Srey Noun was encouraged to join youth activities and participate in training courses ranging from health and child protection to citizenship.

Even in her youth, it is clear to see the transformation in Srey Noun. “I have changed. I am not ashamed with what I did in the past but I care now about my future. World Vision staff and my friends in youth club always support me; they have taught me to be a good girl, a good student, a good friend and good citizen. Before attending youth group, I did not dare to discuss with older people or local authorities about my community, but now I can. I have attended many training courses conducted by World Vision and I am active in my village.”

Srey noun IMG_4154

Photo by World Vision Staff.

Srey Noun is now in grade ten and an outstanding and highly motivated student. “My favourite subject is English and in my spare time, I teach English to children in my village.” Srey Noun teaches English three nights per week to forty children not much younger than her. The shy and timid girl has now become a confident leader and community teacher.

“World Vision brings changes not only for me, but for all of us, especially in terms of food and nutrition, hygiene, value of education and reduce violence in our community; especially teach us to love each other. In the future I want to be a teacher to help my family and the children in my village”

‘From a little spark may burst a mighty flame’. – Dante


Photo 1-12-17, 3 06 20 PM

Photo by Darren Sterling.

Whilst World Vision in Cambodia has a clear strategic focus on Child Protection, Nutrition, Education and Youth development, we pursue these goals in partnership with, and through relationships with others. By walking with, encouraging, training and mentoring people just like Srey Noun, World Vision empowers a network of change agents who transform their own community.

Darren Sterling Darren Sterling

Darren is the Manager of World Vision's Field Experience and Visits program.


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