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Lent like it could change the world

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13 February 2013 by Jarrod McKenna
Lent like it could change the world

Lent is not those fluffy fibres you might find in your navel if your hygiene has been a bit lax. That’s lint.

Lent is the season in the lead up to Easter. Compared to Christmas’ advent season, Easter’s Lent season doesn’t  get much of a look in. I think might be because it asks something of us. Lent asks us to not to avoid our pain (and the pain of the world), but to enter into it. To enter in to the pain trusting it can be transformed. To enter in to the pain trusting on the other side is real life.

This Lent I’d like to invite you to join me and youth in over 75 countries taking part in Live Life, a six week journey leading up to Easter. Over this journey I’ll be sharing what Lent might mean for us as we consider how radical Easter’s message of love was for those who first heard it. See the intro here and watch the videos below.

Week 3: Serve

Live Life | Serve by Jarrod McKenna from World Vision ACTS on Vimeo.

Week 2: Pray

Week 1: Fast

You can get started with Live Life this Lent at I’d love to hear your reflections as we journey together towards Easter.

Jarrod McKenna is a peace award winning activist who has come onboard as World Vision Australia’s Advisor on Youth, Faith & Activism. Jarrod, his lovely wife Teresa and wonderful son Tyson are three of 17 people living at First Home Project; an innovative community welcoming and providing housing for refugees.


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