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Knitting needles in hand, these volunteers change the world.

World Vision
Knitting needles in hand, these volunteers change the world.

With knitting needles moving rapidly and her eyes fixed in concentration, the colourful knitted square starts to take shape within minutes. Only pausing to push her glasses further up her nose, the Wrap with Love volunteer carefully and lovingly knits together an assortment of 28 colourful squares, each exactly 25cm by 25cm. Over the next days and weeks, the uniquely colourful and hard-to-miss Wrap with Love blanket is made.

This woman is only one of the many dedicated volunteers who knit these wonderful wraps around Australia. Once the wrap has been finished, it is then sent to Wrap with Love in Sydney. Since 2005, Wrap with Love has partnered with World Vision, donating over 90,000 Wraps over that time. These wraps have gone to many countries around the world and provided warmth and happiness to thousands of individuals.

Our work in fragile contexts

World Vision has always worked in difficult contexts and are now focusing even more on countries that are stricken by war and famine to reach the most vulnerable. This means that more of our shipments, that include wraps, will also go to these countries including Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.
Recently our very own Tim Costello was in Iraq handing these wraps out to internally displaced people (IDPs). During this distribution, a distinctly purple wrap ended up in the hands of a 16-year-old girl who was living as an IDP in a refugee camp. She and her family were forced to flee when fighting increased in her neighbourhood between ISIS and the Iraqi forces who were fighting to reclaim Mosul.
Smiling and laughing, she confidently demonstrates how she likes to wear the blanket as a shawl throughout winter to keep warm. When asked about how others have been using the blankets, she folds the blanket in half and half again to demonstrate how the older women have been wrapping their babies. Hand on heart the girl continues to say thank you for the handmade gift she received from a stranger across the world. Unable to ever return the favour, she tells us that she wishes them love and happiness.






Through partnering with Wrap with Love, we are constantly inspired and grateful for their commitment, passion and hard work. With knitting needles in their hands and a desire to make a positive impact, these Australians have decided to use the familiar tool of knitting needles to do this.

Celebrating their 25th milestone

On May the 25th, Wrap with Love will be celebrating their 25th anniversary. What a huge achievement! We will be honoured to celebrate with the many volunteers that have contributed to making the wraps over the last 25 years and the many organisations and individuals Wrap with Love have donated to. Congratulations Wrap with Love, we look forward to our continued partnership into the future.

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Lauren Amadei & Jamie Newton Lauren Amadei & Jamie Newton

Lauren is the Resource Coordinator for the Program Resources Team at World Vision Australia. Jamie is World Vision Australia's Supply Chain Manager.


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