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You have helped to make ethical shopping easier!

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5 August 2015 by Gordon Renouf
You have helped to make ethical shopping easier!

Thank you! You have helped make ethical shopping that little bit easier!

It’s not always easy to make shopping choices that meet your everyday needs and also match your values.

The soon to be released Good On You Smartphone App aims to change that by making it easier than ever before to find brands and companies that do better on the issues you care about.

Good On You’s recent crowdfunding campaign successfully raised $20,000 from more than 300 supporters. The funds will be used to build the Good On You App for iOS and Android with thousands of clothing and beauty/personal care brands rated for their impact on people, the planet and animals.

By using the Good On You app to buy better rating brands, millions of people will be able to turn their shopping choices into votes for a better world. Those choices will create further incentives for brands to take action on important issues like child and forced labour and environmental damage.

Many of us want to know for sure that our clothes, electronics and other products have been made without the use of children or adults working in slave conditions. And as consumers we have a right to know what goes into the products we buy, and how their production affects the issues we care about.

But all too often this right is not honoured by the companies that make the products we buy. Complicated supply chains and a willingness to outsource responsibility along with production means that it’s often difficult for a company to know if there is harm being caused in the manufacturing process. But as consumers we expect that companies should satisfy themselves that their suppliers are not acting unethically, and if not satisfied to source elsewhere.

In March this year the UK government passed the Modern Slavery Act. It recognizes that businesses have a responsibility to prevent human trafficking from occurring in their supply chain or in any part of their business. The new law requires annual statements outlining the steps larger businesses have taken. A proposal for a similar law has been proposed in the US.

While it’s great to see governments requiring companies to focus on doing better, as individual consumers we have the potential to influence brands and the companies behind them to do better every time we shop – if only we can find out the information we need to take action.

Good On You is a project of Ethical Consumers Australia, a not for profit organisation based in Sydney. Starting in the clothing sector, Good On You rates thousands of brands for their performance in responding to key ethical issues including labour rights abuses, environmental damage and harm to animals. Ratings are based on information from certifications schemes like Fairtrade and Ethical Clothing Australia, guidance and reports from NGOs such as World Vision Australia, Behind the Bar CodeEthical Consumers UK and research undertaken by Good On You’s own ‘ethical detectives’.

The app will provide ethical ratings for more than 3,000 fashion and cosmetic/personal care brands. It will allow you to personalise the brand ratings by giving a higher weighting to the issues that are most important to you. The app will suggest alternative brands that do better on the issues you care about.

The app offers also offers practical assistance to buy the products that meet you values including by telling you the closest stores and the online retailers that carry your chosen brand.

The app also makes it easy to give brands direct positive or negative feedback from within the app.

Good On You will be available for both iOS and Android later in 2015. You can see more details and sign up to be notified when the app is released at here!

In the meantime you can get an overall ratings for more than 2,000 brands on our website or check out the Good On You blog for tips and news on the ethics of fashion and beauty.

Gordon Renouf

Gordon Renouf is co-founder of Ethical Consumers Australia, the creators of Good On You. He’s passionate about making it easier for all people to make informed consumer choices, taking into account the issues that matter to each of us, and the issues that have the biggest impacts on the world around us.


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