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How to get the most out of the Boxing Day sales … ethically!

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22 December 2014 by Ruth Dearnley
How to get the most out of the Boxing Day sales … ethically!

You can take steps to check that your Boxing Day bargains aren't contributing to child labour.

The thought of elbowing my way through a shopping mall, queuing for changing rooms, before sprinting to get the last pair of shoes in my size before someone else gets them, terrifies me! I don’t really enjoy shopping at the best of times, but the thought of the Boxing Day sales almost has be rocking in the foetal position in the corner!

But I am well aware that the millions of Australians that love this highlight of the holiday season, can’t be wrong!

So go forth and go wild in the aisles! But before you do, make sure you’re bargain hunting is good for everyone – including the people behind the products.

Why not extend your shopping experience?
Pour yourself an ethically-sourced cuppa and have a browse of the Good On You website. Whether it’s clothing, jewellery or gifts that you’re after, this site is a must visit before you hit the shops. It rates each company on their ethical standards on a simple five point scale, so you spot the most ethical alternative and make sure you head their first!

If electronics are your thing, then have a look at handy guide from our friends at Baptist World Aid.

Consider who pays
Whilst we know price is not a guarantee, if the price looks too good to be true, it probably is.
Does its rock-bottom price really reflect all the time and energy that went into making it? It’s unlikely whoever produced it is getting a fair deal if it was always a really low cost item.

Advocate while you shop
Take some of these cards with you to give to retailers who aren’t doing enough to ensure there is no forced, child and trafficked labour in their supply chain. It is these little every day actions, that help make a world of change for the people who make the products you buy.

So then, when you put your weary feet up at the end of a hard day’s shopping, all you need to think about is what you are going to do with the savings?!

My suggestion would be putting a little towards supporting children like Raj, but that’s up to you!

Ruth Dearnley Ruth Dearnley

Ruth is the former Public Advocacy Manager at World Vision Australia and a passionate advocate for all the little things we can all do to make a more just world.


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