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It is done | Power of resurrection

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12 April 2017 by Annila Harris
It is done | Power of resurrection

Fond memories of Easter

Dabbing my brush into vivacious shades of greens, blues and reds,
smearing them over the unblemished ivory shells of freshly boiled eggs
mark my early memories of Easter.

I vividly remember the instructions of the Sunday School Teacher, ‘Don’t miss a spot,’
she used to holler from one corner of the room, where she sat, diligently bringing a ginormous vessel of water
to boil. One after another, the eggs plunged into the blusterous heat, sacrificing the tiny ounce of life within,
only to be raised up as wholesome alimentary treat and a canvas for a 7-year-old to freely express her zestful imaginations.

Oblivious to the hidden significance of my childlike actions, I assiduously
painted an uncanny masterpiece, staining my dainty hands with colour, in the bargain.
The joy of announcing, with a loud roar, ‘It Is Done’ still lingers in my mind.

In retrospect, that to me is analogy for the power of the resurrection.
Jesus Christ the epitome of perfection, blameless and righteous; selflessly relinquished His life. God made Him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God. Above all, Christ took the fall for me. Nailed to the cross He endured the agony of death in humility. The price was paid in full, at the cross, for my redemption and eternal life. And before humanity lost all hope of being redeemed, Christ rose from the death. The empty tomb stands testament to this miraculously reality. Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?”. If it was not for Christ I would dead to my transgressions and sins.

The power of resurrection injects me with courage to stand firm on Christ the solid rock. The power of resurrection bestows upon me the portentous designation of a fearless and efficacious communicator empowered with a mandate to endorse the creation of a community of God’s people who break barriers of hostility and are constantly being transformed into Christ’s likeness.

Alas, the liberating and invigorating rush of being set free from the bondage of sin
permeates into every fabric of my being, motivating me to testify about His goodness
and free gift of salvation.

At The Cross – excerpt from a poem by Annila Harris

There hung on the cross a blameless lamb.
The God of this universe, the Great I am.
Streams of blood flowed down his side.
For our sins Jesus bled and died.

The cross a sign of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus
who conquered death and came back to life.
Thank you for the symbol of your undying love.
A wonderful gift sent from above.

Now I have found my reason and purpose for living.
It’s all about the act of loving, caring and giving.
It is the time of year where we celebrate the New.
In Christ we have a new life, new identity and a new purpose.


Each year we gather together as a family and proclaim God’s goodness in our newly found freedom. Dressed in shimmering clothes symbolising newness we join the community of believers in worshipping God at church. In pristine voices, children sing songs declaring the resurrection of Christ. The Pastor delivers a motivational message on hope. Ringing in the celebrations we as a family invite individuals who are away from home and family to come and dine with us.

Scrumptious delicacies of traditional cuisine spread their tantalising aroma throughout the house, as people gather around the table to give thanks to Jehovah Jireh our Provider. Easter Day is a reminder for us all that death has been conquered and we have the freedom to live life to its fullest and pursue the distinct call God has placed in our hearts.

Annila Harris Annila Harris

Annila Harris works for World Vision India as the HEA Communications Manager & Editor, SAPO.


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