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A different perspective on gift-giving this Christmas

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15 December 2015 by Moira Neagle
A different perspective on gift-giving this Christmas

My family likes to keep Christmas simple these days. We go away to a nearby and sleepy seaside town. On arrival on Christmas Eve, we place our food treats in the fridge, open drinks and with these in hand, go for a walk along bush tracks beside a small river.

Now, that our sons have left home, Christmas is predominantly about being together, catching up on how lives are changing and developing and strengthening the connections between us all. Through actions rather than negotiations, we have drawn in a ‘third son’ to our family. To all intent, he was abandoned by his family and, to our gain, he has joined ours.

We exchange inexpensive gifts as a ritual rather than as a competition. The gifts are small, deeply personal and sometimes created by the giver. They are secondary to the conversation, cheer and joy of each other’s’ company which are generously exchanged.

How much more do we need? Will the stack of presents under the Christmas tree this year, be the most generous means of giving?

The trending Christmas gifts for 2015 are a fitness wristband at $140, the iconic brand of phone at $199, headphones at around $200, or scaling down a wireless Bluetooth speaker at only $60. They are just the top options for the tech geeks in your life.


What if this year, we were to approach Christmas from a very different perspective? What if we were to look outside our own lives to the needs of those beyond our daily lives, families and friends?

None of us need another phone, Star Wars merchandise, scented candles, ties, socks and jocks. However, there are people in the world who don’t ponder what they want; only what they need.

This year you can give gifts which will keep on giving throughout the coming year. There will be no wrapping paper to recycle, no need for false smiles of gratitude, just a warm sense that this year you bought presents of integrity which will make a genuine difference in lives.

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Moira Neagle Moira Neagle

Moira Neagle is a principal of a small rural South Australian primary school. She writes for two local country newspapers and the state’s farming newpaper.


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