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Why I decided to Run for a Reason

World Vision
29 December 2015 by Neil Milton
Why I decided to Run for a Reason

Neil and the team from Healesville Fitness.

As I was sitting at my local cafe in Healesville the other day, sipping my Chai Latte, I looked out at the lush scenery and an email from World Vision came through to my inbox. As I opened it and read it, something started to well up in me that said: ‘you have to do something’.

The email encouraged me to Run for a Reason. It began to explain that there are children in the developing world who have to walk a really long way to fetch dirty and unhygienic water for their families just to try and survive. Where I come from here in the ‘lucky country’ water is a basic necessity that is clean, cheap and easily accessible.

That’s when I started to dream about what it might look like to make a significant difference by raising $10,000 dollars for World Vision’s clean water projects, not just on my own but to encourage the entire Healesville community to get involved. All we have to do is run or walk and get our friends and family to sponsor us and lives can change forever.


So here we are in the lead up to January 1st and I’m pumped that so many people are jumping on board ‘Team Healesville’ to make a difference and run for a reason and not just run for fitness. I shared the dream with my local gym ‘Healesville Fitness’ and they were ecstatic to sponsor me, promote it and train and encourage me along the way. I have personally committed to raising $1000 and to running/walking 310 kilometres through the month of January.

The thing is, I am not normally a runner. However, when it comes to making a difference in peoples lives who desperately need our help; what I like and don’t like, what I am good at and what I am not so good at goes out the window.

I am passionate to RunFAR and get as many people from my Healesville community to join me because if we run then it means that those people who desperately need clean water can get a hold of it.

For me this is not about fitness because fitness is something built into my daily schedule, this is about all those who need clean water. So I want to encourage you: get out your running shoes, hit the pavement or the treadmill and together see to it that in our life-time children don’t have to suffer to secure one of the basic necessities of life… water! So together, lets RunFAR.

Sign up for the RunFAR challenge today and help bring clean water closer for children and communities.

Neil Milton Neil Milton

Neil is the Senior Pastor of Liberty Family Church in Healesville.


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