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Cycling for a cause

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10 December 2014 by Alex Müller
Cycling for a cause

Alex is cycling around the world to raise money for his sponsor child's community.

My name is Alex – I’m 31 years old and I come from Germany. I’m visiting Australia to do something a little bit different – to cycle around the country and raise funds for World Vision.

Australia is just one part of this journey that will take me around the world. I started off in New Zealand in March, and I cycled more than 6000 km around the country. I recently arrived in Tasmania, and stayed with my friend Peter before cycling up the east coast. I’ve just finished touring the Great Ocean Road and afterwards I’ll go up to Sydney. In the beginning of January we fly to Myanmar and will cross the border to India and Bangladesh. From there, who knows?

Cycling through Tasmania last month.

Cycling through Tasmania last month.

You might ask why I’d cycle all this way. Two and a half years ago, I found God in my life and it changed me completely. That’s when I decided to sponsor a child. I chose to support World Vision because I like to be socially committed and I like that World Vision is a Christian organisation. My sponsor child Poppy has been my inspiration to take on a cycling challenge, so that I can raise money for her community. She lives in Bangladesh, in a project that I will visit next year as a part of my journey.

So far, I’ve raised about 3,700 euros ($5,569 AUD) but I’m aiming to raise 10,000 by the end of my journey (~$14,655 AUD). You can support my fundraising efforts here.

I carry everything I need with me, on saddle bags attached to my bike.

One of my biggest challenges has been avoiding accidents with all the cars on the road. The traffic is very terrible! It has also been quite windy, which makes cycling hard.

It can get lonely too. When I was cycling in New Zealand in the middle of nowhere, then I would start to talk with the 40 million sheep!

It was nice that in new Zealand lots of people invited me to stay. I hope this happens here also. I have enjoyed all the beautiful sights and nature that I’ve seen so far – but I’m looking forward to good German food and a cold winter for skiing once this is all over.

If you’d like to follow my adventures over the next few months, take a look at my travel blog. I’d appreciate your support for my fundraising, and I’m excited to visit my sponsor child and see the community that your donations will help.

Alex Müller Alex Müller

Alex is a World Vision supporter from Germany who has embarked upon a cycling challenge around the world to raise funds for his sponsor child's community.


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