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Children’s group ‘Lah-Lah’ bringing joy to Warlpiri community

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4 July 2016 by Tina Harris
Children’s group ‘Lah-Lah’ bringing joy to Warlpiri community

I am really excited about the partnership between World Vision Australia and our band Lah-Lah. When my big kid Lily, now 13, was born my husband Mark and I decided to sponsor a little girl through World Vision. We wanted Lily to grow up and understand a little about the life of Elizabeth, our little sponsor child in Tanzania. So almost 10 years later when we met up with some of the World Vision team, we were so thrilled to be able to partner as World Vision Artists enabling us to share our support of World Vision to the thousands of families who love our music.

Lah-Lah is all about music and introducing children and their families to musical instruments. Our DNA is in early childhood education and it’s what we love. In 2014 World Vision approached us and asked if the Lah-Lah band would be interested in visiting families in the Warlpiri communities in the Northern Territory. We were to present a series of shows and workshops in day cares, preschools, schools and big open air family concerts. At the time we had no idea what to expect. It sounded like a great plan but we wondered what the communities would think of us jumping around in our stripy socks? What followed were two life changing weeks. We travelled across some of the most beautiful and remote country Australia has to offer, met families and created music together, laughed, danced and sang. It was a truly magical experience. World Vision is doing so much great work in the early childhood area that we didn’t know about previously. We relished hearing and learning some of the local Warlpiri language songs, in particular a song called “Kaarnka” or “Crow Song”.


In 2016/17 Lah-Lah will continue to partner with World Vision, building on their passion to help indigenous Australia. We are excited about the future and how Lah-Lah can share the incredible work World Vision does with our audience.

To help fund this program Lah-Lah will be donating one dollar from every ‘Lah-Lah glowing tambourine’ sold at our live shows.
You can find out more about Lah-Lah’s national live show tour in 2016 here!

Tina Harris Tina Harris

Tina Harris is also known as Lah-Lah the star of Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band. Lah-Lah introduces children and their families to the wonderful world of music and musical instruments. From TV shows on ABC KIDS, CBeebies, and the Seven Network to sell-out live concerts, Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band continue to delight audiences across Australia and always get the whole family up singing and dancing.


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