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“The best part of my journey to Africa”

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25 November 2015 by Zach McEvoy
“The best part of my journey to Africa”

Australian sponsor Zach travelled to Zambia to see the difference his support is making in the Mpika area!

I visited the Mpika Area Development Program (ADP) in Zambia that is supported by World Vision Australia in May 2015. I was so impressed with the hospitality of the staff of this ADP during my visit!

My visit to the community outside Mpika to see Peter and his family was the highlight of the day and indeed the best part of my journey to Africa. I saw first hand how Peter’s family has benefited from sponsorship, including the value of their goat and the vegetable growing practices they have learned.

Zach meeting his sponsored child Peter during a trip to Zambia.

Zach meeting his sponsored child Peter during a trip to Zambia.

I have been moved by the warmth and love shown by all of Peter’s family and friends. We even managed to play a game of soccer with the community after the wonderful singing, dancing and display of gifts.

The visit to a mill building showed me the material changes that the program can make. This mill will help the young people by providing the only milling capability in the district, and will save tonnes of grain being sent to Lusaka to be processed. Grain, mostly maize, will soon be able to be milled locally to support the community and district.

The team also showed me the Mpika High School, which has had a new library building and laboratory constructed thanks to World Vision. These facilities will significantly improve the learning opportunities for students, especially in science.

Community members show Zach the produce they grow.

Community members show Zach the produce they grow.

I feel an even stronger attachment to World Vision now and I am very proud to be a sponsor. I am thankful to the Mpika ADP team and World Vision Australia for their work in facilitating this visit. This has been a significant experience and these memories will stay with me forever.

I hope to encourage others to start sponsorship so they can help to make a material difference to the lives of others around the world. I also hope to encourage existing sponsors that a visit to your sponsor child is well worth it and will be a life-changing experience – just like it has been for me.

Well done World Vision Australia, well done World Vision Zambia and the Mpika ADP!

Meeting your sponsored child is an experience you’ll never forget! Find out more about visiting your sponsored child here.

Zach McEvoy Zach McEvoy

Zach McEvoy is an Australian child sponsor.


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