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Becoming a Vision Sister in memory of a lost daughter

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27 July 2016 by Karen Meldrum
Becoming a Vision Sister in memory of a lost daughter

When Karen Meldrum came along to a Vision Sisters event to help pack clean birthing kits, it was in memory of a very special little girl – the newborn daughter she and her husband lost 39 years ago. Here she tells her story.

I was motivated to come along by personal reasons as well as just wanting to help other women, having had an experience of losing a baby in a developing country myself, when my husband was serving in the Defence Forces. As a family we were living in a developing country and I gave birth over there and my little baby girl died. For me, the thought of being able to help another mother and baby to survive birth, makes my own loss not quite so hard to bear.

As a woman I understand the importance of helping our sisters in the world’s poorest countries – especially during a vulnerable time like the birth of their baby. Having been blessed with three sons, I know what a special moment it is to welcome a new baby, but I’ll never forget how heartbreaking it is to lose a baby. Being able to give of myself in a practical way to help other mums and babies in need is something that I’ve found really worth doing.

Even though packing the clean birthing kits together is a lot of fun, there’s a moment when you’re putting them together when you realise just how serious what we’re doing really is. We have such a wonderful health care system here in Australia, and it is so sad that those poor mothers in countries like Uganda and Afghanistan just don’t have access to the facilities that we have.

Vision Sisters has given me and my friends an opportunity to give of our time, give of ourselves and give of our money to do something practical that will help our sisters in need. I don’t want other mothers to have to go through what our family went through, after losing our baby. Becoming a Vision Sisters means that I can do something to help.

Since being a participant in Light FM’s Vision Sisters birthing kit packing event – “The Best Mother’s Day Gift” – Karen has rallied her friends and family to raise $2000 and has hosted her own Vision Sisters packing party. If you would like to join women like Karen and host your own Vision Sisters birthing kit packing event with your friends, family, colleagues or church, visit

Karen Meldrum Karen Meldrum

Karen Meldrum is a mother of three grown sons from Melbourne who is passionate about making a difference in the world. She first became involved in Vision Sisters by attending the Light FM ‘Best Mother’s Day Gift’ event in May 2016 – and has gone on to engage her friends and family in raising more than $2000 for Vision Sisters and packing 400 clean birthing kits.


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