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Australia’s aid budget is on the line again

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3 December 2014 by Tim Costello
Australia’s aid budget is on the line again

Australian aid changes lives - join our call to maintain the aid budget.

I wanted to alert you to recent reports suggesting that the Government will again cut the Australian aid budget. This would be the third significant cut to aid in Mr Abbott’s term as Prime Minster.

Amidst the devastation of Ebola in West Africa, and ongoing conflict in the Middle East, now is not the time to back further away from our promises to the world’s poor.

We need you to tell the Australian Government that another cut to Australia’s aid is not an acceptable way to balance his budget.

We know that Australian aid has achieved great things for the world’s poor. We have seen hundreds of thousands of children go to school for the first time, get vaccinated against preventable diseases and build a better and fairer future for themselves.

We also know that Australians don’t shy away from helping our neighbours. We are now a decade on from the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, where Australians came together to reach across the ocean and support the important work of emergency relief. It’s a time for celebrating our contribution, not cutting it.

But today we are staring down a third successive cut to our aid budget in 18 months. More than 20% of all savings from the Government’s budget came from aid, and we need to tell him that enough is enough – every cut to aid has a human cost.


Will you join me today in contacting Prime Minister Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey and calling on them to maintain Australia’s aid budget?

Contact the office of the Honourable Tony Abbott MP.

Contact the office of the Honourable Joe Hockey MP.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Tim Costello Tim Costello

Tim Costello is the CEO of World Vision Australia, husband to Merridie, proud father of 3, and a long-time social justice campaigner.


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