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13 simple ways to hit your 40 Hour Famine fundraising target

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25 July 2017 by 40 Hour Famine
13 simple ways to hit your 40 Hour Famine fundraising target

Are you having trouble raising funds for your 40 Hour Famine page? It’s ok, we know that it can be a bit awkward to ask people for money, that’s why we’ve created a list of fundraising ideas to help get you started.

Here are 13 easy and fun ways to raise money and hit your 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge target:

1. Know your stuff
Sometimes just explaining why you’re doing the 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge to others shows your passion for the cause. Have an idea of what you’d like to raise and suggest amounts that people can donate – for example $27 could help provide food for a displaced child for a month.

Check out our ‘Getting to know the cause’ fundraising masterclass video below, and head to the learn page on our website to find out more about the issue of displacement, and why we’re living out of backpacks for the 40 Hour Famine this year.

2. Donate to your own page

Donating to your own page sets the bar for others. Simply setting aside your pocket money and making the first donation shows people you’re committed to the cause.
Haven’t set up your fundraising page yet? Get started here


3. Get tech savvy
Share the link to your fundraising page on all your socials. Asking your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter – whatever you’re on – can be a great way to spread the word and tell everyone what you’re doing. Make sure you explain the cause and include info about why you’re getting involved.
If you’re sharing on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, don’t forget to tag us using @40HourFamine or #40HourFamine.
You could even go old-school and send an email to everyone you know (or get mum and dad to). If you ask 50 people and 10 reply by donating $10 each, that’s $50!

Need some help with setting up and sharing your fundraising page? Check out our fundraising video below for some tips.

4. Dare to raise the bar

If you’re really courageous, let people  give you challenges or dares in exchange for donations.
Perhaps you could wear crazy clothing for a week, or wear a wig to school. Just remember the crazier the dare, the bigger the donation. Keep it fun and simple and obviously don’t do anything illegal or dangerous.

Ms Hume, known for her brightly coloured hair and crazy clothing, chose to give up colour to raise money for the 40 Hour Famine. She was even dared to colour her bright blue hair, to black if she hit her fundraising target of $1000. She had to follow through with the dare and in the end managed to raise over $2000!

Ms Hume wore dark clothing for the week leading up to 40 Hour Famine. She even said that if she hit her $1000 fundraising target, she would colour her bright blue hair, black!


5. Be a helping hand at home
Chat to your parents and see if there are chores you can help with, in exchange for donations. Ask mum or dad if they’d like their car washed, offer to carry in the groceries, vacuum the house or take the dog for a walk, every day for a week. Suggest an amount for each chore you complete and the more you do, the more you can raise! Small things can add up quickly – plus it’ll make your parents happy.

6. Old fashioned sausage sizzle:

Who doesn’t love a sausage sizzle? Get a group together, and make some signs to advertise the sizzle! Grab your sausages (try include vegetarian options too), bread and tomato sauce. Make sure you have an adult on hand to help cook. Organise to sell them at school, a weekend sporting event or even near a shopping centre. $2 a sausage can add up pretty quickly!

7. Get baking
Jump into the kitchen for an afternoon and bake some cupcakes or biscuits to sell to friends and family. Last year Zoe, Rachel and Skea from Westside Christian College baked hundreds of cupcakes and held a bake sale at their school to raise money! If you sold your cupcakes at $3 each, you only need to sell 10 to make $30!


8. Guess the lollies in the jar
Why not hold a competition to raise money? All you need in a few bags of lollies and a big jar. Count how many you put inside the jar and take it to school, then let people guess how many lollies are inside for 50 cents a guess. The person who correctly guesses the number of lollies in the jar, wins the jar!
This is a simple way to get others involved, and if 20 people make a guess, that’s $10 towards your fundraising target!

9 Ask everyone

You might be surprised about how many people you know and could ask to sponsor you. Starting at home and asking Mum and Dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents is an easy way to get sponsors without leaving your home. Or you can go wider and ask people you work with, your sports coach, people from your church, your neighbours, family friends or even other students at your school like Aurelia, Isabella, Zoe and Gemma from St Catherine’s. The group of girls asked their entire school at an assembly – and to get everyone’s attention – they cut their hair!

*Remember, don’t ask strangers for money and always make sure you check with a parent or guardian before asking your neighbours.

10. Tap into your creative side
When Poppy Starr needed to raise money for her skateboarding competitions overseas, she would design and create artworks and jewellery to sell.
If you’ve got a creative flair like Poppy, you could try paint, draw, build or create some cool artwork or items to sell.
Be as creative as you like and create something that shows your passion – perhaps you could even relate it to the topic of refugees and displacement.

*Top tip: Make sure to upload the pics to your socials using #40HourFamine so we can see your hard work!

11. Write it down:

Do you like writing? Writing letters is a great way to get people to sponsor you and is much more personal than sending a text or email.
15-year-old Grace has participated in the 40 Hour Famine for several years and has been the highest individual fundraiser three years in a row!
In the past few years, Grace has written hundreds of letters to local businesses, family friends and others in her community, asking for donations. Not only was Grace able to show her passion for the cause, but she also helped teach others about the issue of world hunger and reach her fundraising goal in the process.

12. Hold a garage sale
Do you have some old clothes, toys or accessories you don’t need anymore? Why not hold a garage sale and put those old things to use like this group did last year. Don’t have enough stuff to sell? get a group together like Team Cott. Last year the team of four managed to raise $5000 from a garage sale where they sold toys, second hand clothing and washed cars for their neighbours and people who dropped by on the day.

13. Host a pop up cinema
Why not host a screening of your favourite movie and charge admission to those who attend. You could host the cinema at your house with a group of friends, on your TV in the lounge room.

If you want to go bigger, you could host it at your school or church and ask around to see whether they are happy to provide a hall or open space with a projector or TV. Make sure to advertise the event by putting up posters around your school or church and spread the word via social media to make sure lots of people attend.
You could even make popcorn and snacks for people to purchase and make it just like the movies.

These are just a few ideas, but if you’ve got any fundraising tips, please share them in the comments below!

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The 40 Hour Famine is Australia's largest youth fundraising event, running for over 40 years.


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